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Targi is a game by Andreas Steiger released in 2012 by Kosmos as part of their 2-player series. It’s released in German, but Z-Man will be releasing an English edition in 2013, which is important as there is extensive text on some of the cards. I’ve been playing the online implementation of the game, so the card texts are in English (can also be in German if you prefer) so making it easier for me to play.

Extensive text on cards – Targi

A quick overview of the physical version based purely on photographs – in the box you get a pack of cards, 11 wooden figures and a bunch of resource chits, which might make you think its a card game. It is a board game just that it comes without a board, instead you have a modular board formed from the cards. I wonder if it was a cost saving exercise, or done by design? The board is formed by 16 cards laid out to form the edge leaving a 3 by 3 space in between to lay cards which may be claimed and replaced each round. Does the board tend to get disrupted as players take cards – you can’t tell by playing the online version, but it does make you wonder as I have gaming friends who find picking cards up challenging! I shall post with a review once I’ve played several games.