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This blog has been very quiet, apologies, but it sort of fell off the radar as I was in a new relationship. Still, it’s still here so I can always post again.

I’ve been introducing Michelle to boardgames, although a regular Scrabble player, she hadn’t heard of any of the games I play. The game that has been a big success in Ticket To Ride and we play several games in an evening. I had owned the standard game and 1910 expansion, but none of the others. As we’d played a lot of games on the US map, I decided to buy the India-Switzerland map collection in May – specifically for the 2-player Switzerland map.

The Switzerland map gives some changes to the rules, especially changing how locomotive cards are used. Rather than they simply being a wild-card as in the standard game, they now are only used for tunnel routes. To compensate for this change you now can pick up a locomotive just like any other card (i.e. one of two choices when picked from the face up cards). This change has caused me a frustrated latter game in many plays because you have no wild cards for non-tunnel routes meaning that you can spend a lot of time collecting cards to get the right colour. That said, its just a matter of changing game-play. The number of tickets held is crucial in determining the winner, more so than the standard map where completing longer intercity links can compensate very well for going for less tickets.

Definitely a collection worth buying – even though I haven’t played the India side yet, so lots more play left in the game.