There has been quite a bit of chatter on the BoardGameGeek forum about the boardgames that appeared in many branches of The Works last week. Some speculated that the number of copies in each branch probably meant they’d acquired a few pallets of games, others wondered if it was a one off or regular event. One BGG member managed to find out the buyer for The Works and got people to send positive feedback. Laura Lemmon, the buyer concerned, has sent out an email to those who contacted her about more boardgames to come!

Dear Valued Customer

Thank you to you all for your positive responses to our recent trial of Strategy games here at The Works. I am now fully acquainted with the board game geek website, and thank you all for your information!
We value your feedback greatly in order to buy the best possible ranges for our customers and as a result I have some news that will excite you!

The names below are all new and popular strategy games that we have bought to be delivered into our warehouse next week so they should hit stores in the next two weeks. If, however, you are unable to find any at your local Works please have a look at our website.

Assyria £7.99
Burger Joint £7.99
Lucky Loop £7.99
Change Horses £7.99
Click Clack Game £7.99
Ys £7.99
Enuk £7.99
Ystari Expansion Box £2.99
Alhambra Treasure Chamber £4.99
Lord of the Rings: the Dual £7.99
Alhambra Power of Sultan £4.99
Notre Dame £7.99
Aqua Romana £7.99
Ponte De Diavolo £7.99
Airships £7.99
Amyitis £7.99
Eketorp £7.99
Ming Dynasty Game £7.99
Highlands Clan Game £7.99
Oregon £7.99
Montego Bay £7.99

This list obviously includes the games that have already appeared, and on the whole sold out, in stores already, but it does contain a more and mean that its a good time to stock up on cheap games for presents etc. The beauty of this is that there may be some games that you’ve liked the sound of but didn’t think it was worth a punt on spending 20-odd or 30-odd quid on, but at eight quid you can’t go wrong. Well, you probably should be aware that all though there are a few gems there (like those that sold out on the day they hit the shelf) there are lots of less well known games, that have lower ranking on the geek, but that doesn’t make them bad games, just less popular. I shall be buying several, as even if you only play them very occasionally, or just a few times you can’t say you overpaid for them.  If there are games on that list that you haven’t heard of then maybe its time to visit BoardGameGeek and type them in the search area?