It seems that Twitter is penalising existing users who have bothered to customise their page! Twitter allows you to customise the look and feel of your “web presence” with them including the colour of the text used for your tweets to the background used behind. So many, like me, decided to individualise our accounts when joining. indeed I made a logo that I also use as part of my banner on this blog. Twitter then decided to implement a new interface to cover most of the background, I guess because they thought people wanted a wider side panel of info they didn’t need to be wider to cover up more of the background for those who hadn’t decided to change from the default.

This had been a bugbear of mine and some other twitters I know (plus lots I don’t), yet what I’ve just found out is whilst they are pushing users onto the new interface, unregistered viewers don’t get this stress and still able to enjoy the purity of true twitter. So my advice is to log in to tweet, but log out to view other peoples tweets. You will then be able to enjoy them in the version that the original author expected.