Amazon [UK] seems to be getting some good deals on board games – they obviously have the buying power to get a good bulk discount, which is why you see books well below RRP, but many retailers only look at games of the roll-n-move variety, or are willing to deal only in low quantities (so don’t usually sell much below RRP). Amazon has sold a wide range of “good games” but many have been through partner links, so actually having games sold directly, at discount, and free postage makes them attractive to those entering the hobby.

The Rio Grande Games version of Power Grid went on promotion at £19.27 with free postage and soon sold out. However, its now back to which we could guess maybe they bought limited stocks to see how it went and because it sold so fast, they’ve secured greater quantities. The RRP of this game is £34.99 and whilst some online games shops will beat the RRP, and even beat RRP once postage has been included, sub-£20 including postage is a whole new level.

Amazon have now secured quantities of Carcassonne, which they have sold before, but now have it for £11.99 with a free postage option, so saving £8 on the RRP of £19.99. I have the pre-river Carcassonne and recently bought the River-I expansion for under £4  including postage. If I hadn’t got the expansion I would have jumped at this offer, but now I have an option for Christmas presents for those casual gamers who seemed to enjoy playing Carcassonne.