Do people have all-encompassing blogs or do they split them up? I use blog software on my narrowboat domain which I do talk about non-boating stuff, mainly deviating onto tech stuff, but what about boardgames? I had a canal based Twitter ID that I did start talking about boardgames on, but then decided a second ID for my boardgames stuff was conceived and 2Boardgame was born. The username came out of much deliberation that Boardgame was already taken. Could I have something boardgame related? I went through various combinations, some were available and some were taken. A short twitter name can be good as it means there’s more characters available when people send you an @reply. However you have to ensure the name isn’t nonsensical like Bgames, BoardG, IplayBG, bgme (well they aren’t nonsensical, but unlikely to appear in searches) so I wanted boardgame with minimal extra characters – I almost appended UK then decided to prepend the number 2 (to mean “to” – yes its obvious, but if I didn’t state it, I’m sure someone wouldn’t realise).

Then we come full circle – if I got a twitter canal ID mainly to add onto my blog posts (that I don’t do enough off), shouldn’t I get a blog ID for my boardgames? I put it off, but rather than get a new boardgame domain, I thought I’d try wordpress own hosting – after all I know the blog tools already.